Looking for house part III

Wednesday in Bali I went to Internet Outpost and replied to some of the e-mails that had piled up. They had a new staff member today called Raffy, and this was probably her first job. The other employees Ika & Enda are more confident and helped me handle phone calls today. The manager Hendra also came in and said hello to me. Its really handy having this place when I’m out they take calls for me. I arranged to look at some houses through one of Jason connections and around 2.30pm Made ( another Made pronounced Ma-day ) picked me up on his motorcycle from the cafe. He was worried that I didn’t have a helmet as the cops out here pull you over for that but we made it to Legian / Seminyak ( the expat area ) without a hitch. I told him my budget, not as a final price but rather a ballpark figure and what I was looking for.

Highway to Seminyak

We looked at 2 houses and arranged to come back for a 3rd. I told him I didn’t need AC or a pool but all the places had some combo of this. The house I looked at had a couple of rooms ……not really worth the price and not really what we want long term. I want to sign a years lease to get the best price so a 3 bedroon place would be ideal.

The second place I looked at had a large bedroom with 2 double beds and one smaller bedroom.

Inside second house.

They were doing somework out front and the owner was there to say hi. He’s a golfer and said he goes to Java to play.

The next place was actually occupied until mid Feb and we showed up to arrange a showing. No one was in so Made told me he’d call back.




I left Made at the junction of Oberoi, Kerobokan and Seminyak streets and found a tea house. I was in need of a bathroon and a cup of lemon tea and this hit the spot.

Across the street I used the wartel ( telecommunication place ) to call Jason and another friend. Jason was getting off work and swung by to pick me up. We decided to look around the neighborhood for other places that might be renting. We checked out the last place of the day which was by far the best. Actually the photos don’t do this place justice, it was cool!

Bed with net

Front of living room

Entry way to house


It was in traditional style, with guard on the grounds, living room, 3 bedrooms and pool. The price was to high though so I didn’t spend time chatting. I liked the giant shell bathroon sink ( the bathroom was actually outside which is also traditional…you’ve got to try it before you say ‘no way’. Alfresco is the way to go.

Jason and I discussed some of the logistics of what I’m trying to do, balancing being right next to the backpackers with the expats and finding a long term location we’re going to be happy with. The deal is Kuta is backpacker central, its also crazy at times. Legian is expat central though a bit more spendy. Seminyak and furthur are cheaper.

I feel like wherever I live I’m going to need 2 things before long…some kind of transport and a cell phone. Neither urgent but its inevitable.

We finally went for a beer at a place called Spaghetti Jazz on Jalan Legian. This is the main thorofare in Legian and just down the road from the main supermarket. As seems to happen often a friend of Jason’s walked past and joined us. Getri a former Balinese dancer was shopping and stepped into the place as it started pouring. She joined us for a beer and after a while Jason had to leave for another appointment. Getri and I chatted about Balinese culture and how things were changing on the island. She was telling me about the caste system which still exists especially in the kampongs ( villages ), but to a lesser extent than 20 years ago. We split a pizza, okay she had a slice and I gobbled the rest…wasn’t exactly deep dish, or even Papa Murphys. She told me she had a ceremony to attend on Friday and I could go if I wanted, so I gave her my card and plan to make it.