Looking for house part II

I'm in the internet cafe right now handling a few e-mails and will visit a company today to look at houses out in Jason's neighborhood. He said he’d be happy to negotiate when the time came, I just have to find something that will work for us. We basically want a house with 3 bedrooms (for myself, Chris when he comes and guests). Going 10 minutes from Kuta helps bring down the price a lot and Mark told me last night this is the best possible time to rent as people are short of money. He also told me to tell Sean to make sure his dollar bills are as new as possible. The local money changers / banks do not like bills in the old style, torn, folded or marked bills. They also don’t like 1996 bills as that was a year counterfitting was rampant in the US.

I don’t think they are all that strict but I also don’t like hassles.




Rained briefly this morning. Now semi-cloudy with temps round 85f .