Leaving our place in Seminyak Bali

After a several weeks in Indonesia Sean&#39s final day has come and we are getting things taken care of. He gave me a bank card in order to pay bills and we swapped Palm devices, his one has a backlight which is really handy and rechargeable.

Last night we went to a place called Lemongrass, a Thai restaurant on Jalan Seminyak and it was quite good although not having the fire that I’d prefer. This morning we both rose just before dawn and walked down Oberoi Rd to the beach for a 40 minute chat while enjoying the cooler temps at this time of the day.

I like seeing the locals who are out and about including guys sweeping the beach ( why they don’t just buy a tractor and rake it a couple of time beats me ), school kids having morning assembly in their school yard and other people doing their daily chores.

The morning was very pleasant and I has a tiny bit of sweat going by the time we returned. After showering we met up at Cafe Moka for the ‘coffee lovers breakfast’ bread basket deal, Sean getting the last remnants of his laundry first.

I had to be at the house at 8am for Katut our cleaner to get in. This is her first day and she is going to clean the floors and bathroom. In the rainy season the wind blows dust and leaves onto the outside area and as we get home late and leave early we don’t do too much cleaning.




As I type she’s downstairs getting on with business so I hope this is a good situation for both of us. Right now she is coming only Tuesday mornings but I’ll see how it goes…once a week is better than no times a week.

I’m staying and Sean is leaving and for me its all about carrying on with what we’ve been talking about, meeting travellers and travel related businesses and doing good things for BootsnAll. For him as he’s leaving he probably has more of a big picture view right now and I’m sure he’ll have good feelings about Bali when back in Eugene.

Sean was in his usual ‘where’s my software’ mode upon leaving time but everything worked out well, I got the last of his monopoly money and will use ut wisely. Here’s a play by play of his last moments here at the house.

The taxi driver tooted us and waited patiently.

The old guy smiling on departure, heading the exiting the front door, almost ready to board his taxi, stepping inside, the good vibes on leaving and blazing into the Balinese sunset.