Leaving for Oz and other Bali Thoughts

I leave for Brisbane, Australia tonight.

Flight leaves at 0050 hours and I arrive in Brissie by 9 a.m. I think. Here are some things I mentioned before about this trip.

Since I wrote that piece, I did get a few more people’s contact info so I will be meeting up with random BootsnAll writers and members while there. Not sure where I am gonna publish this yet. Could be here, home, or over there. I am not sure yet. Let me know if you wanna hear about the trip, if so, where?

The past week has been a whirlwind for me. You may have noticed, I am posting a lot less. I guess I feel like I don’t have that much to say…so I’ll ramble.

New Routines
With the new house and our our mode of transport, we have new routines. Every night since we moved in, Nick and I head to Aina’s. I guess you could call it our local. We have a beer and play a slow game of backgammon. The highlights of the game for me are when Nick throws the dice. That’s right. He throws them. He does not roll them. Frequently they land on the floor. Nick is not a person with much finesse to begin with, and his fastballs onto the backgammon board make a racket when they hit the board. This makes me laugh. Maybe Nick would have been a pitcher in the Major Leagues if he grew up in America? You can never have enough lefties in the bullpen!




We have some other new routines…even though we are stretching ourselves bigtime by coming here, it’s interesting to see how quickly we get into patterns. Humans truly are creatures of habit.

We are moving along nicely towards our goals. Today we put in an order at the printers. When setting up in a new place like this, there are a bunch of new vendors and relationships to set up here, that we already have set up in the States.

1. Place to live
2. Transport
3. Web access (mentioned these before)
4. Where do you buy food
5. How do you get around
6. Friends and contacts – met a lot through BootsnAll, that helped
7. Printer – print up shirts, cards, stickers or whatever
8. Laundromat – clothes get smelly fast
9. Supermarket – where do you get basic shit?
10. Gear appropriate to the weather
11. How to get stuff done – when in a familiar environment, you just know, or know who to ask

There are more items to this list. I just want to give it my all so that no matter what happens, I know I gave it my all. I would hate to have regrets. So far, I don’t.

One more thing, Ebong said he would help me learn to surf. So when I return for the last 2 weeks in Bali, that will be a personal goal of mine.