Learning to be a Traveller, again

The past few years I have been working so much, and travelling so little. I have to re-learn some things. This 7-week trip is teaching me some lessons all over again.

Lesson 1: Don’t be afraid to ask.

I find myself afraid/hesitant to ask someone when I am out there on my own. Yes, I am sitting here writing it and looking at it and it makes no sense. I have no reason to be afraid.

Why am I hesitant? maybe because

– I don’t want to disturb anyone
– since I am travelling by myself in Oz (vs. being with Nick in Bali), I don’t want to appear like I don’t know where I am going.
– I think I should know, heck, I lived here for a year (9 years ago though)

All silly reasons I know. On the way here I asked someone where the CBD is since I am meeting some old acquaintances there in a few hours. Relearning.




Lesson 2: Breaking out of my comfort zone

I actually love to do this and always have. Back in Eugene, OR. I know where everything is, have many acquaintances and friends. It is all easy. On the road, all of that is gone and I am constantly meeting new people and very few patterns exist or have time to establish themselves.

This lesson was not that hard to re-learn since travel hopefully forces me to do it.

Lesson 3: Good gear is worth the extra cash.

I have this black 1 strap satchel that I bought in Denver Colorado when I moved to the west coast in ’98. The zippers are broken, it is not comfortable to wear. It is a piece of shit. I bought it for $12 bucks. Why did I not get a new day pack? I don’t know, but I didn’t. I am paying the price for it now. I am trying to be a whinger here and it is not that bad. It just would have been nicer if I invested a few bucks into a day pack like Nick has. Where’s joe e for recommendations when you need him?

Lesson 4: Prepare for your trip – the basics.

The whole passport thing means I’m gonna have to butter some palms on my return to Bali. Not smart. All I had to do was check over some of the basics before a month or so before I left and I wouldn’t have to deal with this.

There are more I’m sure but I’ll stop there.