Kuta Beach – Street Life

Since I am trying to stay up with Nick to blend right into the new time zone, Nick and I went for a walk down to Kuta Beach – we cruised down about 8 mile – oops, I mean a single mile, and then around Legian (next to Kuta) and Kuta, stopping every few blocks for a beer. (Hey, I gotta stay active if I am gonna stay awake)

First observation – on the beach, it was all Balinese. We saw maybe 2 or 3 travelers. Ouch – that can’t be good for the travel based economy here.

As we continued to walk around, there is a definate desperation in the merchants. I can imagine this place hopping with travelers/tourists just like Kathmandu, Bangkok or Sydney, but the streets are largely empty.




There is Hope – You just gotta have it….and I do see hope. Nick says the people and savvy expats here have hope that things will get busy again. The few folks I have spoken with so far have hope – heck, it has been less than 3 months since the bombing. New York wasn’t back to normal within the 3 months. Not that it will ever be normal again, but a more thriving economy at least.