Initial Happenings and Observations in Oz

I arrived yesterday arvo after an all-night flight. I was a bit tired but surprised to see that Brisbane seems to have grown up a lot since my year in 1994. Maybe it was me that grew up or simply got older.

Chris arranged it so that Mr. and Mrs. Hydrolix would pick me up at the airport. It is great to finally meet the creators of Chris Heidrich. As with most parents, I can see elements of Chris in both ma and pa Hydrolix.

Currently, I am at some cybercafe on Edward Street. The connection speed at this cafe is lightning. Broadband at its best I suppose. There seem to be a ton of backpacking travellers here and in the hostel upstairs (google cache link, site not coming up). Every terminal is filled and music is cranking. I think I am starting to see a pattern at these places (ref to the music).

I just got out of a meeting with our Australian Accountant. He seems like a great bloke and I reckon he can handle the whole bloody mess (ha,ha). When setting up overseas like we are, there are all these little rules and stuff to navigate through. Having an specialist on this side of the ocean is comforting.




Tonight, I get to meet up with BootsnAll author Jeanette Bergman. She leaves for a 2 week trip to the States tomorrow and Anthony gets to see her in Seattle during her trip. A double dose of the BootBoyz for her.

Another list from me…are you sick of them yet?

1. The weather is great. So much cooler than Bali.
2. A lot of talk centers around the potential Iraq war is the main media story and Oz’s potential involvement.
3. Lang Park – now called Suncorp stadium – is getting a $200AUS million facelift.
4. Found out that Euan and Patti live in Canberra, so probably won’t get to see them, unfortunately.
5. Pearl Jam plays in Brissie on Saturday and Sunday night here. It would have been great for Chris and I to go to this one after seeing them in Seattle 2 years ago.
6. Australians like to drink a range of alcoholic drinks.
7. XXXX brewery is still here and I imagine offering the free tour and 1/2 hour of drink as much as you can/want.
8. The money is colorful. Us Yanks are not used to it, hence we notice it.