Ika from Internet Outpost

Name: Ika

Age: 24

Place of work: Internet Outpost, Poppies II

Where were you the evening the bombing happened? What were you doing?:

I was working at Internet Outpost sitting at the desk.

What happened where you were, once people knew that a bomb had gone off?:




I thought someone had kicked the front window and walked around the desk and 5 seconds later the whole building shook. The windows broke, the roof fell in front. Glass pieces everywhere. The lights went out. In the street people are running to the beach down Poppies II. Looking to the east ( towards Jalan Legian ) I see a big fire.

I called Hendra, the manager and he came. We stayed till 3am helping injured people. Most western people were helping as Balinese people don’t know first aid.

The DJ who died in Paddy’s, his music was heard for 3 nights afterwards till the ceremony.

I was scared to go to the bomb location.

Two guys I met bought a travel package from us and then told me they were going to Paddy’s. I never saw them again. I felt a bit guilty about not going to look.

Going home I slept for 1 hour, 5am