Getting ready to leave Bali and random thoughts

Nick and are are pounding away at Internet Outpost. You may be wondering what kind of pounding. Well, both on the keyboards and Bintangs. Since we need to continue on the more creative work today and we had already been at it for 8 hours, a few beers while working away actually helps. When I suggested a beer at 3:30 p.m., Nick said,

“I like the way you think” and it immediately lifted our spirits.

We are planning for my departure now (not exactly sure when, in the next 5 days or so) and trying to finish up some remaining todos and goals.

One of these “todos”, is to launch this Bali Bombing Interview section to In this section the Indonesian workers and shopkeepers near “ground zero”, get to tell their story. I must say, the interviews Nick did are superb. He will do more and I can’t wait. All we need to launch the first batch is for Chris is make an image map of the map we are sending him tonight, link it – then we will be ready to go and you can go ahead and read. I hope you like it. I do.

From what I can tell and from who I spoke with, the Indonesians that we interviewed about the bombing, they enjoyed being asked and wanted to tell their story.




Meanwhile…the weather has been overcast for a few days now. It is a relief when it is as hot as it has been for fat whities like me. This morning we interviewed a potential “Maid”. Her name is Ketuk. On Tuesday, when Nick was in Singapore, I was eating my lunch on the back porch and I heard what sounded like someone calling for someone and that someone could be me. I answered the front gate and Ketuk was standing there, ready to pitch her services. She does maid type stuff for our next door neighbours. I told her to come back on Friday at 8:30 a.m. to discuss with the House “Master”ie Nick.

She was right on time this morning and we discussed what she could do and for what price….all the house needs is a floor cleaning once a week. So she asked for 150,000 Rp/month. It’s a bit high of a price for once per week work (definately high after listening to to our expat friends rates), but I convinced Nick to give it to her. $15 bucks to us, it might be a great gig for her and we hope that she will do a good job and some extra work sometimes. My instinct says she will. Nick will let us know.

Last night we went out for Happy Hour with Mick, Jasmine, Mark, Ben (a UK traveller I met at Internet outpost) We had a great laugh of a night…Mark, Jasmine, and Mick telling stories and giving tips about living in Bali. I laughed my tits off a few times. Jason showed up at the end of the evening describing some personal dilemmas to the whole restaurant to send the conversation in a different direction. We all (including me) offered advice on how best to deal with it.

I am excited to head back to the States and tackle the mound of stuff that has accumulated since I left, and see friends/family after 2 months. But I am also a bit sad to be leaving new friends and “family”. Like many other places, it feels like home…If you have traveled before, maybe you know how I feel. More on this before I leave…