Friday's adventures

We got up at around 7am this morning and headed out to the beach to catch a taxi to Seminyak.

Met Mila today at the Krakatoa cafe in Seminyak and she drove us in her husband’s SUV to 2 different houses in the Legian / Seminyak area.

The first house was large with a small pool in front. We don’t need a pool but it’s worth checking what’s available and how much these guys will negotiate.

Here’s some pics of the interior.

House 1


House 1 again




Pretty nice huh? Sorry to say this is way too expensive. Asking price 75M rp per year. We can negotiate of course but this one’s too high.

Next house was in a compound which was like a mini zoo. Mila took us and the workers opened up.

2 story house


This place had a shared pool too. I wanted to jump into this so bad!

I jokingly said to Mila any crocodiles in the pool. She said “no the crocodile is over here.”

All this house hunting made us realise that Chris and Ant will be here in November when we’ll have our yearend meeting. With this in mind we found a place that is tailor made for Ant.

Ant’s place

The price on the 2 storey house was 45M rp for starters.

We’ll keep looking though the pressure is off now we have found Ant a place to hang his hat.