Friday afternoon

Made took me to view another place today at around 2pm. His job at the restaurant along the beach road means he has plenty of spare time and can try to earn extra money by finding renters customers. It’s cool from my point of view as I have people driving me around for free.

The place we looked at was a 3 bedroom place owned by a Chinese Indonesian. When we arrived the housekeeper was looking after the kids who were playing video games on a large tv, a far cry from Made’s family.

The place was quite nice although there were no ceiling fans, only AC. This one might work although it’s not super close to the tourist / expat scene.

Arriving outside

Outside of house




Outside again

Living room

Living room 2


Right after Made, I climbed on Noman’s scooter and we shot off 4 miles out of Kuta to look at his friend’s place. This was even more out of the tourist scene, but had 5 rooms for not very much money.

I’ll get these guys to take Sean I round again maybe and talk about our options.