Endah from Internet Outpost

Name: Endah

Age: 24

Place of work: Internet Outpost, Poppies II

Where were you the evening of the bombing?:

At home in Nusa Dua.

When the bomb went off, did you hear it? What did you think had happened?:
I thought it was fireworks. I tried to get information.




In the morning I came at 9am. Its horrible, like a nightmare, its like Bosnia. I came through Poppies II from Jalan Pantai Kuta ( the beach road ) and then went to Jalan Legian. On Poppies II some buildings had their windows broken. On Jalan Legian all the cars were burned, there was no more buildings just bricks, dusty and smokey.

People, families, victims, the police were looking for some evidence. They try to find the victims. Police don’t allow you to get into the Sari Club area. The police were loading the bodies onto trucks / cars. I went to help but couldn’t get in there. Horrible.

The smell is like BBQ, I saw people crying, some were calling their friend’s name. I talked to locals looking for friends who said it must be difficult because the bomb was so big.

After a few days people heard voices in the night in the area.

Some locals said it might be Middle Eastern people who are responsible, but the fact is it’s Indonesians.

What would you like to say to the people who did this?:
You’re stupid.

What would you like to say to tourists thinking of coming to Bali?:
It will be no problem any more, it’s not the local people’s fault and there’s no reason not to come to Bali.

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