Control Freak and letting go.

Some people that are close to me (Nick, Chris, Ant, etc) might call me a bit of a control freak sometimes. Well, I am sure that I am sometimes.

Historically, BootsnAll, the company, has been based in 1 room. Nick, Chris, Ant and I all within fart smelling distance. And we also historically have practiced, “Aces in their places”. What that means is we all focus our energies and time on aspects of running BootsnAll that we are the best at. Ant, writing, Chris, editting, Nick talking with travellers (in person and virtually), me keeping the ship pointed in the direction we want to go and all of us doing a little bit of everything else.

With Nick leaving the coup, this is not the case anymore. Nick is going to be on an island, both literally and figuratively. We will be in touch via email, SMS, chatting and blogs. But it is not the same as being in the same room. I don’t care how great the “Infermation HIGHway Dude” is, it is not the same as sitting down next to someone and bullshitting back and forth.




I knew this before I came. That Nick is going to be on his own for a few months and I have to let go of some things that I would normally take care of if we were in the same room. Some of these things are simple, like technical maintenance of his machine. Others are more difficult, like the cell phone that we, oops (there I go, it’s Nick’s phone, not mine), I was using to text people, answer the phone, etc just like on Campus Crawl. After a day or two of this, I thought that I gotta let go of control. So I showed it to him, a few of the basic functions (he didn’t know ’em from the look on his face) and that was that.

The phone is a microcosm of me letting go. Let go Sean. Go on Nick.