Checking out a house

I got up today and expected Made Taman to drop by on his scooter at about 9am. I took the opportunity to grab a quick bite to eat at the warung around the corner. I was the only customer and the 2 staff were setting up.

I choose the American breakfast which was quite affordable. I hope Richard Sterling would be proud of me mentioning the food aspect. I got juice, coffee, toast, eggs and meat. Pretty good ( though it isn’t the Glenwood… green sauce ).


Your’s truly

Made shows up as promised and we rode his motorcycle to the house for rent He’s a very safe driver and takes his time, I felt fine though realise its pretty much a crap shoot on the roads out here.

The housewas bigger than I wanted but I politely checked it out. The place had 5 room s which was more space than we need. I told Made to keep looking and asking questions and come see me if he’s got any news.

On the way home we passed a ceremony marching down the road. Here’s the pics I snapped while on the motorcycle.




Parade 1

Parade 2

Parade 3

Parade 4

Parade 5

Parade 6

Pretty cool these folks. I reckon they’d fit into the Eugene Saturday market no problem.

Made and I stopped off to check out his wife and kids. The locals are definitely living on ‘rice and beans’ so to speak. Made told me he loves to cook and goes vegetarian when he can’t afford meat. Come and live in the BootsnAll hostel in Eugene, we’ve been doing that for years. Maybe Made can work himself into a position as chef for the boys back home.

I fiddled around with the pics after getting home and then took off for the internet cafe I’m in now. After the heavy rains the mozzies population went up a bit. Not bad but they love my ankles!