Chasing houses

This afternoon Sean and I went out to Global Net on Jalan Raya Kerebokan in Seminyak. We spent a couple of hours online using their slow satellite connection. It’s satellite, but when a dozen people are sucking on the same pipe not much data can get through quickly.

Didn’t see mystery woman but did call Made #25 from Bali Houses. We want to rent a place in Seminyak from him and he’s asking 42M rp. We offered 12M rp. He came back with 38M rp….we offered 25M rp and so it goes. The place was the one with the nets if you remember. If I had time I could get this guy down but we’re in a bit of a hurry.

While we were calling him it started pissing down outside. Check it out.




Arriving at our place, Ronta Bungalows in Poppies II, Noman (guy from before who showed us a house) had made our beds and fixed our fan!

We got a message from Enda at Internet Outpost that Mila (SUV woman, crocodile place) from the other day called with news that she has a place in Seminyak within our budget. We’re going out there tomorrow. Exciting as now we have 2 places in mind and are not fixed on one. Made’s place is cool though…wish I could arm wrestle him for it.