BootsnAll members and friends

I mentioned in a previous post, about how Aussies like to travel and a lot of the folks I have meet here as doing it. Wanna hear more about them?

On Friday, I met up with a few BootsnAll members and friends of them.

Thea Easterby: I met up with Thea at the Victory after work last friday. She is about to be made redundant and when she heard about this last year, she decided to go on an extended holiday. Good on ya, Thea. She’ll be leaving in March for at least 6 months and will visit SE Asia and Eastern Europe. She has that “getting ready to go” glow in her eye. She had to leave after an hour to meet another friend. It was pleasure to meet up with her.

Jeanette Bergman: Jeanette met up with Thea and I at the Victory pub mentioned above. She was excited to meet me and I her. That is unusual and her excitement did not wane during our 3 pub “pub crawl”. She was leaving the next day for Canada and the US to meet up with her boyfriend and Ant and her night before attitude was simply, crazy. It was great to put a face to a name and forum poster.

Janita: Jeanette’s friend Janita met up with us at the second pub. She had just returned from 4 weeks in South Africa visiting family and holidaying. We were lucky enough to see her pictures from her trip and get an inside scoop on some things to do in SA. Janita graciously gave Jeanette and I a ride home at the end of the evening and is further proof of the Aussie Travel condition.




Toby and Cath: This couple went to Thailand on their honeymoon a few years ago. They call themselves more of a package tourist. Even so, they seemed very at ease when talking of travel to Asia and would consider it again.

Mr. and Mrs. Fisher: I met up for dinner with them last night. These 2 travel all over the globe with alarming frequency. Scotland whenever the British Open is on, the US for research (Mr. Fisher is a professor), Mrs. Fisher to China to study, back to Scotland to visit family. It is a way of life for the Fishers.

Graeme, Stephen and Tiffany Bewes: Graeme and Stephen are brothers, and Tiffany is Stephen’s wife. Graeme and Stephen used to play futbol with Chris and we all used to go out partying when I was here in ’94. I met up with them on Monday night for a few drinks.

Graeme recently returned from 4 weeks in Nepal over Christmas. He is currently planning trips to South America or Tasmania. Stephen and Tiffany are taking 4 months off work (paid!) to go to Europe in July. Travel is part of these folks lives.

Is that enough evidence for you? Of course, most folks that have traveled even a little bit run into an enormous number of Aussies (and Kiwis for that matter) around the globe.