Australia is full of Travel Nutters

With the world about to goto war, terrorism on the rise, Australians are traveling.

How many times have you met an Aussie on the road who has been gone for “years”? It’s a common stereotype and it is justified.

I was reading the morning paper this morning with ma and pa Hydrolix and the travel section came my way. 16 full pages with very few ads of some serious adventure travel stuff. It was the best travel section I have seen in some time.

The Australian newspaper is running a contest. In it, they are giving away 24 trips to places as far as Europe. That is about as far an an Aussie can get from home. Ma and Pa Hydrolix signed up for it.




The Backpackers and hostels are full of travellers. Ok, they are not all Aussies in ’em. But they are packed and coming from Bali, it is different.

I have talked to a handful of Aussies since my arrival. They all seem to be just getting back from a trip, or planning the next one. Asia is a very common destination even for non adventurous folks. Travel is more a part of the culture in Oz than in North America.

Travel Agents are all over the place. Every block is chock full of them. I am not sure if they are doing well of not, but they are everywhere and seem to be busy from a passerbys point of view.