At the printers in Legian

We next hit Internet Outpost for a couple of hours followed by Taman Sari restaurant for some lunch. Sean ordered Cap Cay ( steamed veg and rice with some meat tossed in ) and I got the sweet and sour chicken. For $2.50 it wasn’t bad. Our friends Katut and Putra were in good spirits, the restaurant being mostly empty.

Before lunch I had done several interviews with locals about the bombing which were interesting and which I’ll be unveiling at a later date.

After a morning session at the Global Extreme internet cafe, Sean and I returned home to pick up some paperwork we had forgotten. After a short while our phone rang and it was Jason. He had talked to us before about us helping to promote the jewelry company he works for and insisted on coming over right away. Ten minutes later he was at the house and we caught up on things a bit. He gave us driving tips and he asked Sean to pick him some ear drops up in Australia (Sean left last night for Brisbane).




We had an 11am meeting with a printer in Legian and sped downtown on our bikes. The prices over here to get stuff made is great and we’re starting off with some stickers.