Assessing Global Net

Today Sean & I went out to Global Net again to check out their connection and scout new places for rent in the Seminyak area. We set up one appointment for Friday and are meeting a lady called Mila at the Krakatoa cafe at 10am.

After walking around on Wednesday in the scorching sun we made an effort to use our brain and not our feet, taking a cab instead. There are a variety of cabs in Bali and the blue cabs are cheaper than the white ones. Both are metered.

We discovered the other day that Global Net rents its bandwidth from IndoSat out of Singapore and pay by the byte, so to speak. We were hoping to get a monthly fee for unlimited, but they offered a package of hours for a high price.




We won’t go for the package but might use their internet cafe during the day.

They are located in the expat area of Seminyak so now we have a place we can work from out here and another in Kuta…Internet Outpost.