Ali Nazar from San Francisco USA

Name: Ali Nazar

Age: 28

Where do you come from ( City, Country ): San Francisco, USA

Why did you come to Bali?: My trip is about seeing major world spots. Bali has a mystique and fits in with my interviewing ( Ali is interviewing muslims around the world as well as Americans to learn more about their points of view ). I also heard Bali is cheap and wanted to get a shack on the beach, eat healthy and exercise etc. That didn’t happen but it was still good.

Is this your first trip to Bali? How long will you be here?: Yes. 5 days.

How would youclassify your budget? ( e.g., budget traveller, a little spendy, 5-star or bust )?: A little spendy.

Are you on a short holiday ( say less than 1 month ), or travelling for an extended period of time?: Travelling for an extended period of time across Asia, the Pacific and the US.

Did the bombing affect you in your plans to come? Did it affect your trip overall?: It made me want to come here more.




What is your favourite part of Bali?: I really enjoyed the mountains, volcanoes, terraces and the people. Kuta is probably the worst. I’ve met cool people here.

What is your least favourite part of Bali?: Some of the people that the Kuta area attracts. I saw a group of neo nazis the other night.

Would you come back to Bali? Why or why not?: Definitely. I wasn’t here long enough. The spirtuality intrigues me. A unique mixture. I like anyone who is a believer. The beach / surf aspect wouldn’t draw me back, there are better beaches elsewhere, although Ulu Watu was great. The spirituality here is in your face and I like that.

What advice would you like to pass on to people who are coming to Bali soon?: Be friendly to the Balinese, they’ll return it. One unique thing is that they have their own culture, but can still communicate in English.

All the people will try to sell you something. Say ‘I’m not going to buy’ then say ‘how are you?’. They are desperate so don’t lead them on.

What are your travel plans for the future?: Bali-Australia-New Zealand-Fiji-Cooks Islands-Tahiti-drive across the US-Europe-Scandinavia-Africa-Middle East-Pakistan-India-Java & Sumatra.

Why do you like to travel?: As an American we are very sheltered and don’t get a chance to explore another culture like Europeans. We also export so much of our own culture. Travel allows me to learn about people, not just American culture.

Any other thoughts you might like to pass on to the world?: I truly believe that all people are the same, they want to be loved, have food, a job etc. and they’re good. Also please read ‘The Story Of San Michelle’ by Axel Munthe.

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