3 days, 3 Big Challenges

So I have been here for almost 72 hours – but it feels longer since Nick and I have been at it since I arrived. Our schedule is chock full. We have been planning on coming to open up BootsnAll Bali for almost 8 months before we physically arrived. We planned as much as we could think of and also knew that somethings just could not be planned – we had to learn by doing.

In North America, as we all know, things move fast business wise. You want a new cell phone – there are 100’s of places to find prices etc. You want anything, it is never that far away.

We expected to not be able to move as fast as we do in North America. And we are correct on that point so far. We expected getting adjusted to culture, the way of doing business here, prices, internet speeds would not be as easy as moving from Eugene Oregon to Portland Oregon.

The 3 Challenges listed:

1 – We have found just a few houses in the area that we want and in the price range that we want. Tips from Mark and Jason to look at Krakatoa’s and Rudy’s has helped. We can improve on this in the future by getting better connected to sources for houses. Of course, once we have one – we won’t care as much.




2 – Internet Access – Speed and cost. We are used to FAST and CHEAP. It is comparitively slow and expensive here vs the states. Ok – make fun of me now since I am comparing everything to the states. But this is where I come from and am used to. We will get used to it and make do. It will take some mental adjustment and possible figuring out new ways to do it quicker. (BTW, I am not complaining that it is slow and expensive here. It is just the way it is. I am simply commenting on how we need to adjust to it. I always hated those Yanks who complain out loud about how this and that is better in the states. Forget that – we need to adjust)

3 – The Heat – It’s Hot – damn hot for 2 whities/fair skinned folks like Nick and I. Yesterday we got caught out trying to walk to much and it is just not a good idea to walk around on the sunny side of the street during the middle of the day.

Those are 3 of the big ones right now. There are more and surely there will be more. Personally, I am excited and scared at the same time. Excited to be going for it, learning, getting my arse kicked and humbled (I like that) and scared (not like scary movie scared) because, you know, I just want it to work, fear of failure or whatever you want to call it. Scared and excited of the unknown at the same time.

Hey, that last sentence sounds a lot like travel. This must be the right path.