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For anyone visiting Bali a must-see that should be on their list is the Bali Safari & Marine Park, just a 45-minute drive from Bali’s International Airport. The park is located on the newly developed ocean highway, Jalan Ida Bagus Mantra and thus assuring visitors an easy and fast access […]

The Bali Safari & Marine Park

Many people in Bali and elsewhere will be delighted to read this book because they will have already sampled the delectable fare offered in Heinz von Holzen’s restaurant, Bumbu Bali in Tanjung Benoa, which is generally regarded as the only truly authentic Balinese restaurant in the whole of the island. […]

Book Review: The Secrets of Balinese Cuisine

Travelling with a young kid scares a lot of people. Just the thought of a trans-oceanic flight, long layover and dealing with baggage, Customs, taxis and hotels, is enough to put a lot of people off. Certainly there are moments of frustration, but as with everything, we create our own […]

Toby & Maya in East Bali