Bali is a crazy strange place for first-time arrivals and besides being overwhelming [that includes starting at the airport] it is a full-on experience. For those of us who have years under-our-belts it’s a bit of the ‘ol ho-hum usual. There are several things new travellers to Bali could bring […]

A Few Things You Should Bring to Bali

After decades of travelling around the archipelago of Indonesia I have come across many odd things, both culturally and linguistically. Being well versed in Bahasa Indonesia, I was delightfully surprised to hear, when I was in Yogyakarta, a term unfamiliar to me. The term being ‘Polisi Tidur’ I have probably […]

Polisi Tidur

It was only a few weeks ago that foreign exchange markets were doing a flourishing trade and the AUD$ was up around Rp9,000 but, along came the global economic meltdown and all hell broke loose. Foreign exchange rates slumped. It is indeed a worry for those travellers who booked their […]

Will the Global Economic Crisis Affect your Travel?

More and more people are becoming environmentally conscious and, as they travel, are also aware of their carbon footprint. But it is not only this that we have to take into consideration. Ecotourism is an excellent alternative to the mass tourism that exists now in Bali and therefore we should […]

Ecotourism in Bali

Finding new places in Indonesia that I have yet to visit is a real buzz. For instance, in yesterday's JP I read about the Karimunjawa islands and although I had spent some time in Semarang, I had never heard of them!.

Karimunjawa Islands: North Java, Indonesia