Bali’s transportation infrastructure is on a collision course with itself. The more people, the more cars and motorbikes, creating more traffic, meaning slower travel speeds. The ‘Association of the Indonesian Tours & Travel Agencies’ Bali chapter, reckons a monorail system for the southern area of Bali is a the answer. […]

Bali needs a monorail system: Tourist Industry

After getting back from the road trip to East Bali, I was frazzled as usual, after several hours of swinging an SUV through Balinese mountain roads and hairpin corners. As mentioned before, there are several factors that will affect every trip, anywhere in the world. Among these factors are number […]

Exploring Bali by car

On the morning of the 27th, the weather was slightly overcast. Having a busy house with the pembantu, mother in-law stopping in, wife, kid, & friends, I felt rushed, but immediately found a car rental place (Bali Puspa) on Jl. Dhyana Pura open. Actually the guys know me, and told […]

Renting a car for a 3 day road trip in ...

Today I got an email from a guy who is coming to Bali in 2007, with his wife and kids. He asked me for suggestions on what to do, saying cheap accommodation was key. I could of said find a pool with swim up bar, and stay there for 2 […]

Suggestions for family exploring Bali