Having a holiday in Bali can be so much more exciting and interesting if you were to venture to the other islands close, or relatively close, to Bali. Lombok has for quite some time been a popular ‘skip across the water’. The latest hotspot for travellers is now Komodo Island […]

Komodo Island the New Hotspot in the Archipelago

The island of Komodo located between Sumbawa and Flores, is the home of the Komodo Dragon which is the largest monitor lizard in the world and is he sole survivor of the dinosaurs in Indonesia. The island is surrounded by some of the most treacherous currents around and that combined […]

‘Friends of Komodo’ Concert

Sumbawa is the island to the east of Lombok. The Indonesian archipelago is a string of pearls that strech from Aceh to Papua, and are, for the most part, easy to travel across. From Bali to Lombok is 4-5 hours, on the ferry from Padangbai. From Lebuhan Lombok to Pototano […]

Sumbawa: The dividing between Asia and the Pacific

Lombok is Bali’s neighbor to the east. While tourism has run rampant in Bali, it has progressed at a crawl in Lombok. A trip to Lombok can be like going back 40 years in Bali. Here’s a run down of the history of Lombok.

Bali’s neighbor: Lombok history

Many of the handicraft shops I visit in Kuta and the fancier interior decoration shops in Legian and Seminyak have staff from other parts of Indonesia. I visited 2 Seasons Lifestyle, a small shop on Jl. Legian in Legian and interviewed Endang from Sumbawa, the next island after Lombok to […]

Interview with Endang in 2 Seasons Lifestyle in Legian Bali