Almost everybody who visits Bali inevitably heads north to view the ‘lake on the water’- Pura Ulu Danau Bratan. As stunning as this temple complex is, there is an even more stunning attraction not far from there. A half hour drive north of Pura Ulu Danau Bratan on the road […]

Photo of the Day: Twin Lakes – North Bali

Some of you reading this might not realise what a lontar is or is importance in the ancient Balinese culture. Basically, a lontar is written history and Bali has a unique way of preserving it. These manuscripts are writings from hundreds of years ago that are inscribed on the leaves […]

The Ancient Lontar Scripts of Bali are Going Digital

There are so many places and objects to see in Bali that it would take quite a few years to see them all and, pretty much over the decades I have seen and explored Bali to the max. On my travels there are those places that I have re-visited and […]

Seven Stunning Places in Bali