The ‘information super highway’ is has grown exponentially in the last year, going from 10 million websites, to over 100 million. Search the web for ‘Bali’ and you’ll get 150 geezers flogging villas, plus everyone and his brother writing a ‘holiday blog’ about shopping in Kuta. Is it possible to […]

Advertising your Bali stuff on the internet

How many wanderers have arrived in Bali, and ended up shipping home furniture in the hope of making a business for themselves? Its not all sunshine and light and assuming you get hold of decent goods for an okay price, you still have to get them home without damage, and […]

Exporting furniture from Bali: A success story

DHL has opened a new shop on Jl. Legian in Legian. Not having to shop stuff myself I often overlook these places. DHL is the world leader in speedy international delivery. I have used their services to receive things in Bali in th past and everything arrived okay.

DHL: The place for speedy shipping in Legian Bali