The selection of Indonesian foods available in Bali is amazing; and so are the range of restaurants and warungs. It’s pretty safe to safe to say that a popular dish for any traveller to Bali is sate. You will find it on every menu on the island. This delicious bbq […]

Balinese Food – Sate

It is said that to get to know a country one must immerse themselves in all aspects of the culture and that includes food. Unlike in the rest of Muslim Indonesia, the Balinese food is somewhat different to other Indonesian foods in that it often includes pork dishes such as […]

Indulging in Traditional Foods in Bali

A ketupat is a pyramidal packet of compacted rice, wrapped in banana leaves. In Legian Bali, Ketupat is also the name of a restaurant. Ketupat is located on Jl. Legian, behind Jonathan’s Gallery. You will be able to spot it, by the 2 Balinese ladies standing outside, guarding 2 bantens, […]

Ketupat Bali: An amazing selection of Indonesian food

When I’m running late and need to pick Ika up some food, I know one thing that is a sure fire hit. Satay. Balinese say ‘sate’, which is no worries, because it sounds the same. All I had to do was ride down Jl. Seminyak, just past Bintang on the […]

Grabbing Ika some satay in Seminyak Bali