Sangeh Monkey Forest

The most popular place for tourists on Bali is, without a doubt, the Sangeh Monkey Forest. The forest at Sangeh has a mischievous clan of monkeys and now it will cost you a Rp20,000 entrance fee to be part of the thrill of being crawled over by simians. The monkeys […]

Photo of the Day – Sangeh

It’s a fact of life when you visit Bali that somewhere along the line you will end up paying a fee to get into a tourist attraction and even at major road intersections that lead to the aforementioned. Bali is one big money-spinner for the government. I have noticed that […]

Expect to Pay Fees at Major Tourist Attractions

Probably the cutest attraction on Bali has to be the numerous troupes of monkeys that are found in the jungles and temples across the island. I’m quite sure you have all seen them, had your photo taken with them or taken hundreds of photos yourself of these delightful creatures. The […]

Monkey Business