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Buying land in Bali and building your ‘dream house’ is something many people consider. During my time living in Bali I’ve seen some quite dramatic situations where foreigners went diving in and got / almost got burned. Indonesian law states that only Indonesian citizens can own land in Indonesia, but […]

Buying land in Bali: Watch your step

Tonight I had dinner at Yut’s in Legian, with a friend who is moving out to Canggu Permai. He is the fellow, who got booted out of his place after 12 years, with an off-hand comment, that basically said, “Oh yeah, father wants to knock down this house.”

Friend moving to Canggu Permai Bali

All this talk about holiday villas and real estate, brings up one important question: How does Bali stack up with it regional competitors, as an investment location? Michael Martin from Exotiq Real Estate, compares Bali to Phuket Thailand.

Investing in real estate: Bali vs. Phuket