Pura Beji

Although Bali is a small island there is still so much to see and do, and, it will take more than one trip to the island to cover most of the attractions. The northern part of Bali is a good starting place and heading in that direction from Kuta a […]

Places to Visit in Northern Bali

An island covering an area of 5, 561 sq kilometres and totally surrounded by oceans it is only natural that a lot of the coastline and the coastal roads can be spectacular not only to drive along, but with the added bonus of outstanding panoramic views.

Four Great Scenic Coastal Drives in Bali

Waking to a glorious sunrise bursting over the ocean is one of those special moments and although reluctant to move on towards Singaraja along the north-east road, it was the adventurous side that took over and it was not long before we found ourselves driving along the road out of […]

Travelling the North-East Road Pt. 2