Rice terraces are synonymous with Bali and the dominant part of the scenery. Rice farming in Bali dates back to Neolithic times. Bali’s steep mountains and deep gorges make wet rice farming difficult, so the Balinese have developed an intricate system of terraced rice fields, governed by a subak (water […]

Best Places to View Rice Terraces in Bali

Travelling around Bali affords some spectacular scenic views and panoramas. Of course not everybody’s tastes are the same. Some like beaches, others mountains whilst some prefer the green textures of rice paddies clinging to hillsides. The delightful thing about Bali [and in fact, the rest of Indonesia] is that wherever […]

Six Fabulous Scenic Spots in Bali

My upcoming itinerary will involve many islands culminating in a well deserved spell of R&R on the island of Bali. Having tramped, hiked, climbed and driven around and hiked up most of the places on the island, I came to the conclusion that I had in fact seen it all. […]

Road Trippin’ to Gilimanuk

I have often mentioned some of my favourite views in the countryside of Bali and everybody has their greatest discoveries. A while back I came across a ripper of a place with not only a great view of terraced ricefields, but also some of nature’s radar-users just hanging around. We […]

Hanging Around with the Locals: Belimbing