Buying land in Bali and building your ‘dream house’ is something many people consider. During my time living in Bali I’ve seen some quite dramatic situations where foreigners went diving in and got / almost got burned. Indonesian law states that only Indonesian citizens can own land in Indonesia, but […]

Buying land in Bali: Watch your step

If I had a lot of money and time on my hands, I might build a house in Bali. Even if I don’t, just thinking about where it would be, is a lot of fun. Riding around on my motorbike and marking spots with a GPS, I see there is […]

Where to build a house in Bali

Jimbaran Bay real estate is creeping onto the world radar. To be honest its there already, with the Intercontinental hotel and the Four Seasons. Location is the key once more, and for people who are looking for access to the shopping and nighlife of Kuta / Seminyak, the airport, the […]

Jimbaran Bay real estate on the radar