Perama Buses

Most visitors to Bali, head to the Kuta / Seminyak area, on their first day here. Kuta is just 2 miles from the airport, and the big beachfront hotels in Tuban, are just a mile away. Some people however, like my friends from Oregon, have never been to Kuta, and […]

Arriving in Bali and heading to Ubud

Perama bus does a service all over Bali, hitting most of the touriat spots. It also can arrange trips to Lombok and Sumbawa. Perama is not a tour bus, in that it does not do guided tours or show you historical sites. Perama is a point to point bus service, […]

Perama bus times in Candi Dasa

Visitors to Bali, as well as expats sometimes look for an close alternative, to the Bali beach scene. One option is Senggigi Lombok. An old copy of the Indonesia Handbook, from 1991 has this description: The coral and snorkeling at this popular beach area, 6km north of Ampenan, is fantastic-4 […]

Senggigi: The gateway to Lombok

Bali is a relatively small island, which makes it very accessible. When you compare Bali to a place like Thailand, Bali has way more to offer people on a short term holiday. Both places have beaches, temples, mountains, nightlife and culture. The things is in Bali you can get from […]

Getting around Bali

Exploring the East Coast around the Tulamben area, its always better to get your own transport, whether it be a car or motorbike. Check out a few places in the Kuta area, negotiate and you can be on your way within 20 minutes.

Perama buses from Tulamben in East Bali