pasar seni

Visitors to Bali often like to shop for cheap gifts to bring home for friends. Even if you have a large, extended family, there is plenty of choice in Bali. The main places you will find the best selection of cheap gifts are Pasar Seni’s (art markets). In my opinion […]

Cheap gifts from Bali

Pasar seni, or art market is a term used in Bali to loosely describe a collection of market stalls selling, nick-nacks, Balinese handicrafts and knock-off gear. One of the most visible is located next to the beach in Kuta.

Pasar Seni: Kuta Art Market

Riding by the pasar seni (art market) on Jl. Melasti in Legian, I stopped to snap a photo. This strip of stalls sells the exact same stuff as you will find in Kuta and the Australian family scene that Jl. Melasti attracts has provided a target rich environment over the […]

Pasar Seni: Jl. Melasti in Legian Bali