Bali is a scuba divers paradise and being one of the most beautiful islands in the world, it’s only natural that it attracts divers from around the globe. As an island for diving, Bali is never disappointing in what it has to offer the lover of the depth. It [Bali] […]

Top 5 Diving Spots in Bali

The last couiple of days in Kuta / Seminyak ahve been windy and wet. We lost a papaya tree, our neighbor had a giant old tree crash in her garden. All over Indonesia, the recent storms have caused problems, including the ferry and air accidents in Java and Sulawesi. Bali […]

Weather affects transport in Indonesia

Padangbai is a small fishing village in East Bali. I first ent in 1993, when it was teeming with backpackers and divers. Now its a backwater, with more sarong vendors than tourists. Still there are 3 white sand beaches, in Padangbai that might take your fancy. Back in 2004, Charlie […]

Charlie Sellers’ view of Padangbai Bali

There are 3 main ways to get to the Gili’s from Bali (4 if you’re Monte Monfore). The first is taking a bus, car, motorbike to Padangbai. Catching a ferry to Lember in W.Lombok. Ferries run every 90 minutes 24/7 and the journey takes anywhere from 4-7 hours depending on […]

Getting to the Gili Islands