ogoh ogoh

Nyepi will soon be upon us (5th March) and already you will notice, if you have been walking around the backstreets, the Balinese busy making their effigies for the parade. A lot of tourists plan their holiday so that they avoid the ‘day of silence’; Nyepi. It’s understandable because it […]

Ogoh-Ogoh Parades in Bali

‘Nyepi‘ day, the Icaka New Year, the day of absolute silence, no activity is done, no amusement is held, no fire is lit along the day & night. The day of fasting & self-introspecting, the entire island is just like being deserted during the day. For people not familiar with […]

Nyepi: The Balinese Day of Silence

Sitting in my house in Seminyak I feel lucky. The ghosts that normally hover over Bali have been scare away by the extravagant offerings made the Balinese and given a final kick out the door by the scary ogoh ogoh. To bad the religious conservatives from Jakarta weren’t here tonight, […]

Ogoh Ogoh scare away ghosts in Seminyak Bali

Wednesday night around 8pm I got a message from Ika who was out on Jl. Seminyak with Jevon and her sister Ningrum. ‘Ogoh ogoh about to move’ was the message, and it meant the giant monsters set upon bamboo supports were about to be carried up and down the street. […]

Taking Jevon to see Ogoh Ogoh in Seminyak Bali

A big part of the Nyepi pre-game show is the parade of ogoh ogoh’s, the large monsters that scare ghosts away from Bali. Riding around this afternoon I saw all kinds. I don’t know where the tradition began, but over the years the ogoh ogoh’s have incorporated modern elements. I […]

Ogoh ogoh’s in Seminyak Bali

Wednesday afternoon I rode down to Blue Ocean beach at the end of Jl. Double Six for my last workout before being house bound for 24 hours. Blue Ocean beach was only partially busy due to the weather which was bright and cloudy, not exactly beach weather. In late afternoon […]

Seminyak getting ready for Nyepi