With tourism in Bali on the increase with no signs of it slowing down but getting better, it is only natural that other airlines other than the established ones tap into the market and offer their services. The latest to jump-on-the-bandwagon is AirAsia. This is good news for Bali-ites because […]

AirAsia to Start Flights to Bali from Perth

No, I’m not talking about chickens running the marathon along Ngurah Rai Bypass or down Jalan Legian but rather bird flu handling exercises to be held in Bali on April 25-27th. These exercises will be conducted in three places. They are at Ngurah Rai Airport and at Sanglah General Hospital […]

Bird-Flu Handling Exercises in Bali

The UNFCCC (UN Conference on Climate Change) is over and opinions differ as to the success of the event. With scientific reports coming out thick and fast, one predicting no summer Arctic ice in 2012, most rational people realize its time to do something about climate change. Getting 180 nations […]

After the UNFCCC in Bali