nasi goreng

It is said that to get to know a country one must immerse themselves in all aspects of the culture and that includes food. Unlike in the rest of Muslim Indonesia, the Balinese food is somewhat different to other Indonesian foods in that it often includes pork dishes such as […]

Indulging in Traditional Foods in Bali

I would venture to say that a majority of tourists to Bali rarely imbibe in the authentic food available at the smaller warungs and road-side stalls. The answer to this is simple; westerners shun at the thought of eating this way and that’s understandable. Of course a lot of you […]

Try Some Balinese Food on Your Next Visit to Bali

Lunch today was in Jegeg Bulan, the handy family restaurant that sits across from Mini Mart on Poppies II. My choice was good nasi campur (mixed rice). Nasi campur is pretty much the national dish, that and nasi goreng (fried rice). When you order nasi campur, you never exactly know […]

Nasi campur in Jegeg Bulan Kuta