Today in Bali is the ceremony of Galungan. This occurs once in every 210 days in the Balinese cycle of days. Galungan marks the beginning of the most important recurring religious ceremony that is celebrated by all Balinese at the same time. During the Galungan period the deified ancestors of […]

Today in Bali – Galungan

How the times have changed in Bali. Go back 15 years and there were 2-3 places to hang out in Legian, if you were an expat. Now we are awash in places and the expat scene is scattered. Longtime Legian restaurant, Glory, has seen it all, and Neil van Alkemade, […]

Glory Restaurant: Balinese cuisine in Legian

Sunday afternoon Ika, Jevon and I went down to Glory Restaurant on Jl. Legian in Legian, for some authentic Balinese food. The funny thing about Bali is that there are not many Balinese restaurants. There are a ton of roadside snack place out in the country, selling the cold mixture […]

Balinese buffet at Glory Restaurant in Legian

Galungan means ceremonies honoring ones ancestors. It also means food and this morning a Balinese lady came over with a package of Galungan food. Wayan was the pembantu who was cleaning my house on the day I found it in 2004. She is married with 2 young kids, doesn’t speak […]

Balinese snack from Wayan

Turtle meat has been a part of Bainese cultural tradition for a long time. A hundred years ago when Bali’s population wasn’t 3 million, and the natural habitats weren’t damaged, it wasn’t such a problem. Nowaways catchnig turtles is banned, though is allowed for cultural purposes.

Turtle meat: A Balinese tradition