The Schapelle Corby saga continues with its latest exciting chapter. Sister Mercedes (is that name perfect for the made-for-TV movie!) is suing a former friend in Australia, after she claimed drug smuggling had been discussed in years past. On another front, Schapelle’s book, My Story is causing all kinds of […]

Schapelle Corby story worth a fortune in Bali

Hu’u is an attractive restaurant / lounge bar, located Jl. Petitenget in Kerobokan. Check out the Beat Magazine when you get to Bali, or simply log into Baliblog’s bi-weekly nightlife update, provided courtesy of the Beat Magazine. Whatever you choose, you are sure to come across Hu’u mentioned somewhere. This […]

Hu’u: Cosmopolitan relaxation in Kerobokan Bali

Stepping out of my gang (alley) in Seminyak gets me onto a busy street called Jl. Seminyak. This street isn’t that wide, the actual road is only about 10 meters, but it recieves a lot of traffic, at certain times of the day. Fifteen years ago, Jl. Seminyak was not […]

Jl. Seminyak: The main street where I live in Bali

Javanese food is a more refined type of cuisine, than that of Bali. You will find many places in the Kuta / Tuban area, as well as the Sunset Rd in Seminyak, displaying signs that offer food from Jember, Yogyakarta, Solo and other parts of Java. In Kerobokan, one such […]

Warung Kolega: Javanese food in Kerobokan Bali

A late afternoon stroll can be a good way to break he mental fatigue and experience new things. This afternoon heading out of my house, one of the first places I spotted was JP’s Warung, a restaurant, bar that has live music, 7 nights a week. On the corner of […]

A stroll around the neighborhood in Seminyak Bali