Just read this on Jakarta Post about the router / earthquake problems. Apparently the Indonesian connection to Taiwanese / US servers, has been severed due to damage to undersea cable. One official said it was out of Indonesia’s hands, and could take a month to fix. That’s actually great news […]

Bali internet update

The ‘information super highway’ is has grown exponentially in the last year, going from 10 million websites, to over 100 million. Search the web for ‘Bali’ and you’ll get 150 geezers flogging villas, plus everyone and his brother writing a ‘holiday blog’ about shopping in Kuta. Is it possible to […]

Advertising your Bali stuff on the internet

One of the first places I visited when I came to Bali in 2003, was Global Xtreme in Kerobokan. The ISP / internet cafe offers a decent connection, and serves food and drinks. Downstairs you can make telephone calls. For someone just arrived in Bali, Global can be a good […]

Global Xtreme Kerobokan: Good priced internet

My internet connection was not working this morning, so here I am at Joulla’s, the German / Indonesian restaurant on Jl. Dhyana Pura in Seminyak. The connection is okay here and there are a few other people, all men, from Europe and Australia, using the service. The staff here don’t […]

Joulla’s German restaurant / internet connection