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Quite accidentally I read about this new eatery in a local magazine a few months ago. Dapur Alam opened in February and has been steadily increasing its clientele mainly due to the high quality of food and, I consider this to be the reason why it has become so popular […]

Dapur Alam

It is an irrefutable fact that Indonesians love their kerupuk — just ask Supardi, the owner of a successful kerupuk business. Kerupuk – crunchy fried or baked crackers made from flour – are everybody’s favorite snack and can be found at most sidewalk food stalls. Supardi, 55, is not an […]

Supardi and the Kerupuk Business

Indonesian cooking and methodology combine, in a popular local warung in Kuta. Warung Nikmat serves Javanese style food, which includes beef rendang, in thick brown coconut sauce, light curry sauces and plates of vegetables, meats and types of fish. Warung Nikmat is located close to Hotel Bakung Sari (along Jl. […]

Warung Nikmat: Kuta Bali

A ketupat is a pyramidal packet of compacted rice, wrapped in banana leaves. In Legian Bali, Ketupat is also the name of a restaurant. Ketupat is located on Jl. Legian, behind Jonathan’s Gallery. You will be able to spot it, by the 2 Balinese ladies standing outside, guarding 2 bantens, […]

Ketupat Bali: An amazing selection of Indonesian food

Looking around for Indonesian food this afternoon (Ocha’s Warung in closed for 2 weeks), I strolled down Jl. Legian to Ibu Ayu (mother Ayu). Ibu Ayu is a simple place that serves a selction of items including tempe, tahu (tofu), sapi rendang (beef in sauce), and other favourites.

Ibu Ayu: Good value Indonesian food in Legian Bali

Vegetarians visiting Bali will have no problem at all, finding delicious food. The selection of international restaurants is amazing. You might go for a spinach lasagna at Warung Italia, a vegetarian Indian dish at Gateway to India, or a vegetarian Meditereanean plate at Zula, on Jl. Dhyana Pura. But how […]

Vegetarian Indonesian food