Firstly I want to tell you a story. Back in 1983 I saw a ‘little old lady’ slinging a backpack and sprightly walking down the road. Later that day when I was having an iced tea in a warung, that same lady walked in dumped her backpack on the ground […]

Bali for the Over 60’s

It was only at the beginning of the year travellers were warned about a Legionnaires disease and now it has risen again with the Australian Government issuing a ‘Please be careful’ advice to all travellers to Bali. In the article that appeared in the West Australian newspaper on the weekend, […]

Yet Another Warning for Travellers to Bali

If there is one thing that will surely ruin your holiday to Bali then it has to be the dreaded stomach infection colloquially known as ‘Bali Belly’. Basically, you got the shits big time and you, well, feel like shit! The climate in Bali is one that is a natural […]

Bali Belly – The Destroyer of Holidays

The situation with this entomological enigma came to rise when Candika, my wife, rang me last week and told me of the massive infestation of these caterpillars in Java. Having already swept through Sumatra and Java, the swarms of caterpillars are now in Bali and posing a threat to farmers’ […]

Bali Invaded by Caterpillars

Bali is a crazy strange place for first-time arrivals and besides being overwhelming [that includes starting at the airport] it is a full-on experience. For those of us who have years under-our-belts it’s a bit of the ‘ol ho-hum usual. There are several things new travellers to Bali could bring […]

A Few Things You Should Bring to Bali

In light of the recent disease outbreaks in Bali including those of Dengue Fever, the Swine Flu and of late, Legionnaires Disease it seemed like a good idea to discuss health and travel. It’s important to note that when travelling anywhere in the tropics – whether it be only Bali […]

Staying Healthy in Bali and Vaccinations

Bali has had its fair share of disease outbreaks over the years and of late it has been Dengue Fever. Now the threat of Legionnaires’ disease is becoming a threat to travellers. This is a fatal disease and already six West Australians have come down with the illness. Four Victorians […]

New Health Warning for Bali Travellers

The climate in Bali is one that is a natural breeding ground for germs. Add to that some of the local methods of washing and cooking and so its no wonder tourists get ill occasionally, and now, the Health Department in Australia has put out an alert regarding Dengue Fever […]

Bali Travel Warning for Dengue Fever