The ‘information super highway’ is has grown exponentially in the last year, going from 10 million websites, to over 100 million. Search the web for ‘Bali’ and you’ll get 150 geezers flogging villas, plus everyone and his brother writing a ‘holiday blog’ about shopping in Kuta. Is it possible to […]

Advertising your Bali stuff on the internet

Bali is a mecca for arts and handicrafts. The way they do it over here, is that a particular village will specialize in one thing. I guess this started in the good old Bali tradition of ‘my neighbor is having success doing this, so I should copy’. One expat I […]

Where to find Arts & Crafts in Bali

How many wanderers have arrived in Bali, and ended up shipping home furniture in the hope of making a business for themselves? Its not all sunshine and light and assuming you get hold of decent goods for an okay price, you still have to get them home without damage, and […]

Exporting furniture from Bali: A success story

Indonesian made furniture is set to take India by storm. The reasons for this are the selection of materials used from teak, bamboo, rattan and others. The second reason is Indonesia has a wealth of skilled carpenters and craftsmen (and women).

Indonesian furniture set to take of in India

Alami’s Furniture & Art Shop isn’t one of the fancier places on Jl. Kunti, in Seminyak. Its open to the street, the furniture is sitting there without decoration and the staff seems half interested. The thing I like about Alami’s is they have some decent western style furniture. I looked […]

Alami’s Furniture & Art Shop: Jl. Kunti Seminyak