If you travel throughout the archipelago of Indonesia you will find that in the major cities there are often street marches. These come with the bands, finery and all the razzamatazz associated with a good parade. Locals flock to the side of the roads to see the various groups parade […]

Street Marching Competition in Bali

A great time to check out a shopping fiesta in Bali is the day following Nyepi. This day is a Balinese holiday known as Ngembak Geni. On this day all shops that are Balinese owned are closed with the only shops being open are those owned by traders from other […]

Photo of the Day: Pasar Maja Langu

It’s always good to know when the official holidays are in Bali because some dates, like Nyepi, you are losing virtually a day of your holiday having to be in the hotel and in silence. Other major events like Galungan and Kuningan can see shops close for days on end […]

Official Holidays for 2009