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f you have ever read an Indonesian newspaper or watched Indonesian TV, then at some time you will no doubt have heard of the complaints from the Indonesian people regarding the rise in Sembako.

Sembako – The Necessities: Indonesia

Candika my wife was the first to introduce me to the magic drink &#40as she calls it) Apokat. For years, she had ordered it in restorans and warungs, and even though she enticed me to 'take a sip', I declined. How foolish I was back then to decline!.

Apokat – That Magic Drink: Indonesia

I was reading an article in the Jakarta post on the weekend about the Bali Polemo fruit. The homestay where I reside when in Bali, Prawita cottages, has a few of these trees growing in the gardens. The fruit is forever dropping off the trees and Candika gathers them up […]

The Bali Pomelo Fruit: Bali

Nyepi, the Balinese Day of Silence is almost here and local people are preparing. This morning the staff at Cafe Seminyak were all wearing traditional outfits, ready for ceremonies later in the day. Almost all the people I have talked to are going back to their village to be with […]

Shops closing early today for Nyepi