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In a world where drugs are commonplace in society, it is no wonder that the youth of today are struggling with the pressures of everyday living. The temptation to use drugs is virtually in their faces. But in Bali there are groups to help the youths with the problems of […]

Drugs and Teenage Sex in Bali

And yet another person has died from the Avian virus and this time it is a young boy in South Jakarta. The concentration of deaths from this virus has so far been contained to the islands outside of Bali but for how long.

Bird Flu Experts Warning: Indonesia

I was only writing the other day about Rabies and how a child in Bandung died after being bit a rabid dog, and how most dogs in Java were culled if I could use that term. A better word would be massacred but I won't write that.

Rabies Kills Six in Sulawesi

Famines are rare in Indonesia. I have seen farmers suffering hard times due to failed crops, mice infestation and destruction by rain&344; food crisis' are now becoming more prevalent throughout the archipelago.

Food Crisis in East Nusa Tenggara