My old friend Toby, from Eugene Oregon, brought his 3 year old daughter Maya, with him as well as friends, Ollie and Asia. This morning we strolled down to Cafe Seminyak for a coffee, and the ‘kid treatment’ started, with every waitress and shop attendent carrying Maya off, telling her […]

Kids in Bali

Raising a kid in Bali, for a foreigner has pro’s and con’s. The con’s are that kid will develop outside of your culture and away from your relatives. There is also an increased chance of disease out here. Pro’s include a climate that allows the child to be dressed in […]

Raising a kid in Bali

Today I got an email from a guy who is coming to Bali in 2007, with his wife and kids. He asked me for suggestions on what to do, saying cheap accommodation was key. I could of said find a pool with swim up bar, and stay there for 2 […]

Suggestions for family exploring Bali

Saturday morning I got Jevon into his disposable diaper, short, shoes, and took him down the street for a coffee. Actually he doesn’t like coffee, but ever since he’s been around, we have both been going down to Cafe Seminyak once in a while.

Taking the kid for a coffee in Bali

Raising kids is an education in human nature, patience and logistics. Since I have returned to Bali, Jevon has been trotting around the house, bright eyed and inquisitive. He wants to search, feel, pull, taste everything, especially the stuff he shouldn’t touch, like electric cables.

Raising a child in Bali