Cafe Moka

This evening I am hoping to interview Dallas Finn, founder of Bali Peace Park, about the gay scene here in Bali (won’t that be exciting!). Dallas suggested we meet at Poser’s Pub in Legian, the location of our last interview. My thoughts were this was not an ideal location.

Places in Seminyak for an interview or quiet chat

You know that feeling you get some afternoons, you’ve had lunch, grilled fish & rice with a piece of cucumber. Its good, but you need that dairy fix. This afternoon I had that feeling and stopped into Cafe Moka Seminyak, a place I haven’t been for ages. The staff all […]

Tea Time at Cafe Moka in Seminyak

Nyepi, the Balinese Day of Silence is almost here and local people are preparing. This morning the staff at Cafe Seminyak were all wearing traditional outfits, ready for ceremonies later in the day. Almost all the people I have talked to are going back to their village to be with […]

Shops closing early today for Nyepi